The best way to find out is to make an appointment with your vet. Gestation is a process that lasts about 9 weeks and during which your cat undergoes significant changes in order to give birth to her young. 40 Erstaunliche Hocker Weichmacher Für Katzen, Die Bild The first and probably the most obvious one are pink nipples.if you notice a peculiar color change of the cat’s nipples (they tend to become very pink), it’s a good indicator of pregnancy. Cat pregnancy timeline with pictures. Below are the stages of feline gestation and what the owner can expect during these times. So you should have a cat pregnancy calendar when your cat is pregnant. Pregnancy symptoms or tests performed. They can confirm that kittens are on the way, and get an idea of how many, in a few ways: By the third week your cat should be eating normally again […]