My Cat Ran Away And Came Back Different

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There's a lot of reasons cats stay away. Some also advocate putting out dirty cat litter or feces—as if the cat needs this cue to help him find his way back home.

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When i came home from work i immediately noticed and went looking.

My cat ran away and came back different. We never knew if he just ran away, was taken in by someone else, or died. He was out all day and we spent all night looking for him. Cats are fickle creatures, and while there’s no doubt we humans love ’em to bits , it can feel more than a little hurtful when our very own.

I found her a couple of times in the next street, but each time i approached her she ran into someone's garden and i couldn't get her. I believe he’s turning a year old this same month (found him meowing outside my door). We think he'd been chased off by some other animal as he came back with a lot of cuts and scratches.

I say 99 percent of times, cats will always come home. Ended up making a dive but she got away. If it’s in your cat’s nature to wander off for days at a time, try not to worry.

Gave up and went home to find her on the sofa. I’m not that worried because my other cat ran away 3 times and came back every time (sometimes after more than 20 days of being gone). After like 2 minutes with us, she started consistently meowing and giving us signs she want to go back outside again.

He hasn’t been neutered, would mating be the reason of his disappearance? My male domestic cat ran away about 2 weeks ago, and hasn’t come back yet. She used to run away and come back everyday in my old house.

My indoor cat ran away.will she come back? This place is new so i'm worried if she will.b ok.and if she would return. But my “lost cat” newspaper ad caught the eye of the family he was mooching from.

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I asked my son to check on him, and when he did, he said the cat was dead. Anonymous my cat, gigi, went missing while i was on vacation. Tell the vet what happened.

I was devastated and felt so bad for a long time. My cat ran away in the night. Take your cat to the vet.

I doubt that you will go to court as long as you try to look after the cat. My cat would dissapear for 2 or 3 days sometimes, the longest he was ever gone was 5 days. But after eating and cleaning himself he was back to his affectionate self.

Leaving a sick cat without help may be another matter. Now she comes to eat and leaves again. After three years at my house, dickens ran away and established residency at the very posh subdivision nearby.

Trying leaving some food out and calling it's name? So here is where we are now. I showed her the full food bowl because i figured she was gone looking for food.

Then, i wrote every person who wrote a lost cat ad on craigslist even if they were far away. Yesterday my cat got out and we didnt realize he was gone till the night. Sometimes cats do run away to die.

She is 6 yrs old and is spayed and she is a very intelligent cat. If every time you head toward her, she flees. If you are caring and responsible and get help for your cat then the vet will know you have done your best.

We were so close when he left. Believe me, i was upset and worry that she might get hurt but she was fine. The cat that ran away has a new smell therefor the cat that stayed at home doesn't remember him.

Your cat might be injured. I know that the first one got addopted cuz i saw him a year latter (unmistakable facemark), he hated my mom so he never came back, but the other male, like many other cats & small dogs in the neighborhood, became food for hawks & coyotes, & we live in a freaking city! What you can do is rub a towel on the cat that stayed at home and then rub it on the cat that ran away and then back on the cat that stayed at home.

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We posted a found cat note on craigslist and fliers in the area. Another cat in the area could have chased your cat away, especially if that cat or you have recently moved there. When she came back she was dirty, didn't want to be touched, didn't want to eat or drink even though it was very warm outside.

He loved to cuddle with me and followed me everywhere. All of our male cat run away & never come back. Cat in heat ran away!

A few weeks ago a neutered male cat wandered into our neighborhood. When i first got her, she was a dumped kitten by a cheese factory, and she was dying, and the guy who picked her up said he'd seen her for a week before he grabbed her, so i know shes lived. She disappeared once when we moved to a small town for the summer and we found her.

Ask other cat owners to keep their pets inside while you look for yours, and be prepared to increase the scope of your search as you cover the ground closest to home. 14 months old, and has only been in heat once before a few weeks. So last night i went outside to call my other cat, kate, inside.

One afternoon i was in my son’s room putting away laundry and one of the cats came in, looked at me, crawled under my son’s bed, let out a scream, and went silent. If every time you head toward her, she flees. — alex meehan (@alex_meehan) april 8, 2020

I have just shifted to a new place and it's been only 4 days. If he doesn’t come back, try not to assume the worst. Hope u find your cat!

My cat (female) left us 4 days ago and didn't came until today. Your cat remembers other cats by smell. I saw him a few more times but he ran away from me every time.

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When he came back he was very distressed and was hissing a lot. I had a gorgeous silver grey norwegian forest cat named jezebel from when i was about eight or so into somewhere in my twenties. We live out in the country surended by bean fields and small woods.

Any time we approach the bathroom door and speak, we get the low, intense growl and most of the time this is followed by the high pitched fighting screech. My cat once went missing and i spent about two hours tossing bits of ham to her to try to get her out from under a car outside someone's house a mile away from my house. When i looked in the front yard i saw my boy who had been missing for 21 days.

I have a female cat that is almost 2 years old, and shes been inside the whole entire time i have had her. He finally came back in on his own cause we left the screen door open. He was the first of four to die within a 2 yr span.

3 days ago she went missing for 4 hours then came back around 2am. Two days later she ran away again. As usual i put her back inside when the puppy was done using the bathroom and i came back in.

When i tried to call for him he ran away.

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