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Cat coat calculator (original ver.) this is my original calculator. Seal point, blue point, chocolate point, lilac point.

Cat COLOUR AND PATTERN CHARTS and article, very detailed

The colored area in bicolored cats can also feature any of the tabby.

Cat color chart calculator. To determine what color your persian kittens will be, use the color calculator below. Seal point x blue point. These cats have black color genes that were genetically mutated to achieve the chocolate hue.

Eyes younger cats have sparkling, bright eyes. When we refer to the “smoke” color in a maine coon cat, we’re actually referring to the silver undercoat that is seen on a solid color cat. After that search the color of the female cats (dam/female.

Coloration is a physical trait of cats that is visible, is not associated with disease conditions (with some exceptions), and that has been desirable since the beginning of the development of cat breeds. Using the chart you had to count the days until your cat’s due date. Black and blue torties are a combination of solid colors.

The cat pregnancy calculator is a much simpler process to use than the traditional cat gestation chart. The cat can have a little spotting, even only one patch of white, or can be mostly white with a little bit of the other color. Seal point, blue point, chocolate point.

Donec feugiat, neque id bibendum congue, risus augue. For using this software, first of all please search the color of the male cats (sire/male/king) in the left side and then click on the color that you choose. Just because one cat has a lot of white(the van), doesn't mean you are going to increase white in the breeding.

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Solid x solid color calculator Welcome | board members/contact | ragdoll clubs | breeding ragdolls |link banners rfci membership: Color chart by richard kauffman.

Below are several documents to help you in this general context. Refer to the cat color chart above to see all the possibilities. Click on image for larger view.

260 east main street, alliance, oh 44601 phone: Persian cat color calculator index Van to van will produce vans.

Some genes are simplified and it does not give percentage changes, but it should be easy to use even if you know very little about genetics. Chocolate colored cats are usually pedigree species such as the havana brown or persian varieties. The older cats get, the more yellow their teeth become.

Here’s a sweet cat color: If you see that your cat’s teeth are white in color, the cat may be about a year old. Details & dues | code of conduct | new member form | renewal form | associate form | provisional form rfci information:

Tirtham cattery we are a small maine coon cattery. Colour mating chart for brown, blue, chocolate and lilac burmese showing percentages of colours which might be expected over a number of litters. The cat fanciers’ association, inc.

The length of the cat’s hair and its shape can affect how colors and patterns look. Seal point x seal point. The patterns that affect the colors are along the left side.

Note that manx and munchkin are treated as homozygous lethal and polydactyly is treated as having complete penetrance. A solid white cat is masking another color, usually the color of the parent. Advanced cat coat calculator the beefed up version of the calculator, with more genes and percentage chances!

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You may want to start with what color is my is a good starting point if you want to learn what different colors and patterns may look like based on pictures. *uses an average 63 day gestation period for a cat. Ragdoll international is a tica club for owners and breeders of ragdoll cats and contains pictures, information and a great breeder's directory of the best breeders in four countries.

Use this color calculator to predict the possible colour combinations from a given mating. To determine what color your persian kitten will be, use the color calculator by choosing the color of the father mated to the color of the mother in the index below (shown in alphabetical order). Color genetics are a wide and interesting field.

You can use these methods to create a chart of any of the combinations below. Pattern & color chart the basic colors are along the top. Use the cat color calculator to determine what kitten colors your dam and sire can have in their next litter.

Solid colors have no pattern (obviously). We give priority to the quality of our cats. Theoretically it could be combined with white spotting, colourpointing and silver/golden series.

Please note that the color calculator only takes phenotypes (i.e.

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Cat COLOUR AND PATTERN CHARTS and article, very detailed

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