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Multiple award winning australian mist cat breeder in australia. As they age they do settle somewhat but still love to engage in play and games each day.

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Australian mists come in 6 colours:

Australian mist cat colours. Lilac and peach (fawn)* and 2 patterns : Aacarmar australian mist firstly i would like to say thank you for visiting our web site and showing interest in this truly amazing breed the only true blue aussie pedigree cat the australian mist. The australian mist cat society is a club catering for everyone who is interested in australian mists, whether as a breeder.

Their affection knows no bounds, they simply cannot believe anything or anybody can harm them.there is nothing extreme about these pretty little cats. There is nothing extreme about the australian mist; Brown blue chocolate lilac gold (cinnamon) peach (fawn) caramel (the three base colours) two patterns:

They are of moderate size, medium boned, rounded of head with large eyes and ears. The original name of this breed was spotted mist, as mentioned earlier, but after the cats. The sepia gene, inherited from their burmese ancestors, and the tabby pattern, derived from both the abyssinians and perfected by the domestic shorthairs, merge to form what we term as misting.

Australian mist have a large gene pool, derived from over 30 foundation cats, half burmese, and a quarter each abyssinian and australian moggy. Australian mist cats & australian mist cat breeders the australian mist (formerly known as the spotted mist) is a breed of cat developed in australia. Australian mist at a glance.

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The australian mist is a carefully crafted breed of cat. This cat breed origins from australia and was developed in 1976 by truda straede. The colours are brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, gold and peach.

Australian mist cat classification the australian mist cat is classed as group 3 (aum) by the australian cat federation (acf). Australian mist come in six colours, brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, gold and peach. The first breed to be developed exclusively in australia from burmese, abyssinian and domestic shorthair ancestry.

Australian mist colours & patterns australian mists have a unique coat pattern, from whence they derive their name. The tail is plumply furred. The australian mist cat is short haired breed that was developed in australia in the 1970s by crossing burmese, abyssinian, and domestic shorthair cats to create a cat with a spotted coat and for this reason was initially called the spotted mist.

My love affair with these cats started over 24 years ago when i purchased my first blue male spotted mist (as they were then called). First recognised for championship status 1986 and is now recognised by all wcf affiliates. The coat is short but resilient;

This carefully crafted breed of delicately spotted and marbled cats is tops for temperament, full of love and fun, bright but relaxed. As the australian mist cat breed developed and more patterns emerged, including marbled coats, the. Ellie's autumn 2015 litter of kittens.

They are affectionate, playful and curious. Breeder of australian mist cat. As the solid background colour is always the same misty hue, the colours of the cat have been named according to the spot colour.

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Full maturity of muscle development, together with the desired coat texture and eye colour, is not normally achieved until the cat is two years of age. The australian mist is a moderate size cat of medium build and boning. The coat is very short, without an undercoat.

Australian mist cat history this breed was developed by truda straede in australia beginning in 1975. Burmese contributed the dilution for the colours, the ‘laid back’ nature, four of the colours and some of the pattern, as well as general size and conformation. There are two types of patterns for the australian mist:

This cat breed is actually a mix between the abyssinian, burmese and unknown domestic short haired cat breed. Australian mist cats tend to be moderately active, retaining some of the energy of a kitten even as they age. The spotted mist and the marbled mist.

Megellna, a breeder from sydney australia. The spotted mist's coat has a solid creamy, silvery background and ticked darker spots that fall all over it. Australian mist eye colour falls within the ‘natural’ cat eye colour range, and is more consonant with a burmese diluted coat than a gold eye, such as desired within the burmese breed.

They are of moderate size with big green eyes. The australian mist (formerly known as spotted mist) is the only breed of cat which has originated entirely in australia. These 3 blonde kittens will colour up much more from 4 weeks of age.

The australian mist is a cat breed also known as spotted mist. Discover (and save!) your own pins on pinterest Abyssinian, burmese and domestic shorthair with colour restrictions.

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Domestic tabby cats to perfect a breed that is known for its superb temperament and one that is happy to be an indoor cat. Another relative newcomer to the cat fancy is the australian mist.

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